Sweet Temptations and More...
Sweet Temptations and more is proud to provide you with
a variety of cake flavors and fillings.

Cake Flavors
Vanilla, Lemon,
Orange, Almond,
Chocolate, Strawberry,
Coconut, Pinneaple,
Banana, Dulce Leche,
Guava, Raspberry
and Rum

Cake Fillings
Butter cream, Strawberry,
Dulce Leche, Guava,
Raspberry, Apricaot,
Peach, Cherry,
Key Lime, Coconut,
Cream Cheese, Pineapple
Lemon, Milk Chocolate,
Fudge Chunk, Hazelnut
and Pina Colada
Sweet Temptations and more can customize any cake to enhance any theme.
 Our goal is to make your event a beautiful and delicious success